Your child’s long-term welfare has very little to do with what types of unfortunate events they may experience, and everything to do with how they handle that adversity. After all, even the best of parents can’t manage to predict and prevent every calamity, and such overprotectionism can be every bit as damaging to kids over the long haul as outright abuse. Yet despite this, most parents continue to obsessively worry about the calamities that might befall their child, (which may or may not be preventable), while spending very little effort towards a more realistic and more meaningful goal: raising their children with the skills to weather any adverse experience.

This book is intended to serve two purposes:

  1. It’s meant to act as a guidebook that will help parents or professionals understand the nature of adversity and provide basic information which will help you get your children through difficult situations they might be experiencing at the moment.
  1. To help parents raise their children in a way that will make them more resilient in the face of all forms of adversity. Resiliency isn’t something that happens overnight, but something that is built up over time.

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Part One: Children & Adversity – Understanding what makes children wither or thrive

Chapter 1 explores basic concepts related to adversity & child development, such as how children absorb their environment and how the brain is wired according to experience:

  • Children & Adversity: The Big Picture
  • Children really are like sponges: Mirror neurons and the way kids absorb their environment. (eBook: Raising Resilient Children)
  • The effect parent have on children
  • Child brain development & neuroplasticity as it relates to adversity
  • Windows of opportunity in childhood (eBook: Raising Resilient Children)
  • A child’s’ instinct and hard-wire drive
  • Nature versus nurture: how a child’s genes and environment impact their ability to handle adversity
  • Different temperament dispositions in children

Chapter 2 talks about mechanisms of injury, that is, what types of elements within a particular experience are known to contribute to poor outcomes in children.

Chapter 3 explores child adversity at different ages, and breaks down how each particular age group is affected by experiences with adversity.

Part Two: Raising Resilient Children

  • What hurts kids
  • Child Stress & Adversity
  • Children Experiencing Social Pain
  • Children & Negative Emotions
  • Attachment Injuries
  • Hypersensitivity In Children
  • Trauma & Toxic Environments, A Look at What Causes Lasting Harm (ebook: Raising Resilient Children) (Why do some trauma’s cause lasting damage, While other quickly heal? This bonus section takes a look at the different factors that can scar a child.)
  • Vicarious Injury (ebook: Raising Resilient Children)

Chapter 4 talks about what builds resilient children, discussing broad measures that create a strong foundation that help a child conquer adversity.

Chapter 5 covers the different ways that parents can promote resiliency in everyday life, raising kids that respond well to adversity.

Chapter 6 explores positive parenting principles, instructing parents on how the basic things you do or don’t do in everyday parenting can either make children stronger or create hidden vulnerabilities.

Chapter 7 discusses the widespread tendency towards overprotecting children by western parents & talks about why this is damaging to kids over the long haul.

Wellness Chapter Bonus Chapter ebook:

This bonus chapter lists important social-emotional messages – or metaprograms – which children should be taught about. When these messages become incorporated into a child’s basic way of thinking, they will serve as a protective factor against adversity of all types throughout their life.

Bonus Material (ebook: lessons in adversity for kids)

Short stories & lessons to read your kids that will address some of the differen conecpts related to this book. A great way for parents and teachers alike to teach resiliency to kids.

Child Resiliency Resources for Kids: