If there’s one thing this world could use more of, it’s empathy and compassion. These activities will promote empathy, kindness and compassion in your children, whether in the classroom or the world at large! They teach kids how to be more aware of others and respond to those around them in a kind and caring way. Designed for kids in preschool and elementary school.

The Obituary Writing Exercise:  A writing activity and classroom discussion designed to help kids reflect on their priorities and conduct themselves with kindness & compassion. Intended for kids in the later grades of elementary school, junior high, and high school.

Empathy Building Activities

Interview a Classmate Activity:  A fun activity for pre-K & elementary school students that helps them get to know their classmates better.

The Needs of Others:  A group time activity to that will get kids thinking about how we rely on one another. (Preschool & elementary)

Activities to Teach Children Kindness

Classroom Compliments:  This group time activity will help children see that every child possesses positive attributes, and that small compliments can brighten a person’s day, which is why we should give them more often. (Preschool & early elementary)

Kind Acts Dramatic Play:  Since children learn through role playing, these role-play activities will teach kids about various acts of kindness throughout the community. (Pre-K & early elementary)

Kind Acts Chart:  A teacher directed chart that rewards children for kind acts. (Preschool & early elementary)

Stories of Anguish (Grade school): Provide the kids with pencil and paper and have them go around trying to collect stories from 3 different classmates about a time when they’ve felt especially hurt, sad, scared, and so on, as well as what they did to overcome it. The goal is to promote greater empathy for others by learning about the different trials and tribulations that peers have endured. Once this activity is over, you might consider offering them some type of extra credit throughout the year for each additional story they collect from peers, family, friend’s, etc. (Grades 3-6)