The most important thing parents hold sacred is their child’s health and safety. But it is also something that all of us have a tendency to take for granted at times.

We live in a dangerous world, and there are threats to our children everywhere you turn. In the home, out of the home, while driving, while at play.

Most of us will never have to deal with losing a child. But for the parents who have, the odds that it would happen to them mean little now.

Safety is often neglected by parents. It frequently takes a back seat to everyday hassles in our busy lives, though we all know it shouldn’t. The threat of not only death, but more commonly, serious injury, lurks around every corner.

We hope you find this book an easy reference to keep your child safe. We also highly recommend our children’s books for safety. These books can be read to your children to teach them in a fun way the most common risks and how to prevent them. From all of us here at Global Children’s Fund, we thank you for taking the initiative to learn how to keep your children safe from harm. Enjoy the book.