Children and Anxiety

Stress and its close relative anxiety are a regular occurrence in modern life, and children are no more immune to daily stressors than adults are. So some anxiety is both healthy and normal for children to experience, especially as they encounter new situations and expand in their growth and development. But when a child suffers from chronic anxiety or stresses out over everyday things, this could be a sign of an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders are the most commonly diagnosed mental illnesses in the U.S. and are becoming more prevalent among children and teen. They emerge when kids have trouble coping with the stress and uncertainty that exists in their lives. Anxiety problems can be the result of natural temperamental dispositions in the child, but they are also nurtured by a child’s environment. In certain cases anxiety disorders can also be brought on by traumatic life events.

The information contained herein will help you better understand childhood anxiety and decide whether or not your child has an anxiety problem.

Information about child & adolescent anxiety

  • Child anxiety facts & statistics

  • Types of anxiety disorders

  • What causes childhood anxiety problems?

  • How to prevent anxiety problems

  • Universal tips for helping kids with anxiety

  • Teaching children steps to cope with their anxiety

General anxiety in children

  • Information about general anxiety

  • Signs & symptoms of general anxiety disorder

  • Dealing with kids who have general anxiety

  • Therapeutic treatments for childhood anxiety

  • Drug treatments for anxiety disorders

Social phobia & social anxiety in children

  • Social anxiety in children

  • Signs & symptoms of social anxiety

  • Does my child have social phobia?

  • Learning about social phobia in kids

  • Dealing with a child’s social phobia

  • Helping kids overcome social anxiety

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Separation anxiety in kids

  • Information about child separation anxiety

  • Signs & symptoms of separation anxiety

  • Causes of a child’s separation anxiety

  • Dealing with separation anxiety in children

  • Helping kids overcome separation anxiety

  • Therapy & treatment for kids with separation anxiety