Sexual abuse is the most widely published form of child abuse,  but also by far the most widely miss-understood. I don’t know of any other subject that is filled with more myths, misinformation, and blatant falsehoods than the topic of child molestation.

In order to adequately help children and protect them from abuse, (and to ensure we aren’t harming them ourselves through catastrophic responses to the allegation), the public first needs to have an accurate understanding of the problem. The information in this area will give you that, covering all aspects of childhood sexual abuse, from what it is and how it happens, to how to help someone recover from sexual abuse.

Information on Childhood Sexual Abuse

The following pages cover general information on child molestation.


Sexual Abuse Prevention & Protecting Your Child

Select from the following topics related to spotting sexual abuse and sexual abuse prevention:


Books for Kids on Sexual Abuse Prevention

The following books are designed to make protecting your child as easy as reading a story. Each one tackles an important concept in sexual abuse prevention that will make your child a much tougher target.


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