This page is a listing of the different books we publish. Significant portions of these books are available online, but we recommend you purchase a complete eBook version to get access to all the best information. All author proceeds from your purchase (70%) will go directly toward helping children in need.

A Parent’s Guide to Divorce

Bullying e-book for Parents & Teachers

Child Maltreatment: A Cross-Comparison

Child Mental Health Handbook

Child Trauma & Recovery

Divorce Book For Parents

Guns & Society

Parenting Handbook

Stepfamilies: Blending Beautifully

Super Siblings: How to Put an End to Sibling Rivalry & Conflict

Talking With Kids: A Guide to Better Parent – Child Communications

The Family Sleep Handbook

Toxic Childhood: How Chemicals & Toxins Are Endangering Your Family

Truth in Medicine: A Book on Pharmaceutical Drugs & Medications